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The best new Surf Rock releases of the last months. From well known Surf Rock bands to newcomers of Surf Music. Instrumental, with lots of reverb, 100% fresh and with influences from other music genres. The playlist will be updated regularly
The best and most exciting Surf Rock music of current and classic 60s bands. Ready for undercover operations, car chases, spy attacks and agent movies? Get the instrumental thrill with The Ventures, Los Straitjackets, Dick Dale, Link Wray, The Volcanos, The Tiki Tones and many more
The best atmospheric Surf Rock music of current and classical instrumental bands of the 60s. Ready for the count down? Surf through space with The Kilaueas, The Bomboras, The Atlantics, Man or Astro-Man?, The Ventures, Laika & The Cosmonauts, Urban Surf Kings, The Surfites and many more
Ready for the nightmare? Ready for Halloween? Ready for scary and spooky music? Turn your Halloween party into a horror castle with Surf, Trash, Rock 'n' Roll and Retro music straight from hell
The best Surf Rock music of current and classic 60's instrumental bands inspired by Western Movies. Saddle your surfboard and surf like a cowboy through the Wild West with Los Daytonas, Los Plantronics, The Bradipos IV, Bang! Mustang!, Langhorns, The Ventures, The Fathoms and many more
The best Surf Rock music and most famous bands of the late 50s and 60s. Enjoy the real California beach feeling. The most famous musicians of classical instrumental Surf Music include Dick Dale, The Surfaris, The Ventures, The Belairs, Link Wray, The Shadows, The Pyramids and The Tornados
Surf, Tiki and Hawaiian music to relax. Perfect for a break in the hammock, a romantic sunset on the beach or just to come down after a stressful day. Listen to bands like Stolen Idols, The Hula Girls, Albert Ginés, The Tikiyaki Orchestra, Girl Over Planet, Ixtahuele, The Vulcanos and many more
The best Pop and Rock songs as instrumental Surf Rock versions. Interpreted by bands like Los Straitjackets, The Surfrajettes, Atomic Mosquitos, Los Tiki Phantoms, The Surfsonics, Greg Townson, Surf Report, Los Banditos, Satan's Pilgrims, Messer Chups, Hawaii Samurai and many more
A full load of fast instrumental Surf Rock music. The best current and traditional bands. Maximum surfing power with The Vulcanics, Man Or Astro-Man?, Toro Jones, Long Boards, Hawaii Samurai, The Tsunamibots, Dick Dale, Lost Acapulco, Cousin Harley and many more
Summer, sun, beach and Surf Music. A compilation of the best instrumental Surf Rock songs for holidays, a party, good mood or just for fun. With classic bands from the 60s, established guitar reverb heroes and newcomers of the last years. Surf's up!
The best music of current Surf Rock bands. A mix of instrumental 60's Surf Music influenced by modern music genres. Played with a lot of reverb and passion. Current bands and musicians include Los Straightjackets, Messer Chups, Man or Astro-man?, The Bambi Molesters, Surfer Joe and Satan's Pilgrims
Chill out and listen to surf music. A compilation of songs to relax feat. The Atlantics, The Surf Riders, Greg Townson, The Hula Girls, Messer Chups and The Bambi Molesters
Crazy, wacky, loud, screeching, squeaking and alarming Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Rock, Surf Rock and Retro music. A cracking mix of bands and songs for a real trash party earthquake
An all in one playlist with Surf Rock Music, Rockabilly, Instrumental songs and Rock 'n' Roll. Ready for your summer party! Let's kick it with cool bands and rocking sounds from all retro decades
Ready for New Year's Eve? Here is the music for a perfect start into the new year: Surf Rock, Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly & 60s music. Let the party begin
Santa Claus is coming to you. Enjoy a surfy Christmas mood. Best of instrumental surf rock, guitar & reverb bands


Surf Music or Surf Rock, is a mostly instrumental variation of Rock 'n' Roll - born in the late 1950s. Among the pioneers are bands and musicians such as Link Wray, Duane Eddy and Champs, who added a lot of reverb and tremolo effects to their music - often influenced by the sound of Fender amplifiers and guitars.

In the early 1960s, the first wave of the classic surf sound emerged in California (USA). Some of the most famous bands and musicians of that time are Dick Dale & the Del-Tones, Surfaris, The Chantays, The Marketts, The Pyramids, Tornados, Sentinals, The Ventures, The Shadows and Centurians. The representatives of vocal surf music are Jan & Dean, The Trashmen and of course The Beach Boys.

In the 1990s instrumental surf rock made a comeback with the film Pulp Fiction. Dick Dale's hit Misirlou was the main reason for this. Among the most famous bands and musicians of modern surf music are Los Straightjackets, Messer Chups, Man or Astro-man?, The Bambi Molesters, Surfer Joe, The Space Coassacks and Satan's Pilgrims.


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